About Us

Our Mission

Reconnecting the world in real life through books and food.

Who We Are

We’re a global community of book and food lovers who meet locally to discover new hot spots, make new friends and discuss the latest read over brunch. We are a platform that connects book club organizers with amazing venues to host their club events in. We also connect readers to new book clubs and new friends.  

We get people off the couch to break bread with friends and strangers over a love of literature. We want to see people reading more, meeting more, discussing more and discovering their very own Brookie tribe.

What We Do

BooknBrunch is a community, an immersive in-real-life (IRL) experience and a movement toward connecting with people through a love of books and brunch. We’re rewriting and redefining the book club experience to create a book and culinary experience for the curious minded.

The demise of in-person interaction is happening. We are all virtually ‘connected’ and wired in but those communities are not face to face, real life human energy. We are social creatures by nature and people are yearning to connect. Whether you’re new to a city, recently had a life change, are in transition or simply curious – meeting over a meal and a book is the best way to feel alive. There is nothing like breaking bread and having a thoughtful discussion about a great read to inspire us.

BooknBrunch takes all the thinking, planning and work out of the book club experience. Add a culinary element and voilà, you have a feast for the body and mind that goes beyond a typical book club.

Our First Page

We all have those moments in our lives where things feel dark and lonely. I was in one of those stormy places and felt disconnected and alone. I needed new friends, a new lease on life and something to get excited about. I reached out to my sister for her thoughts and she suggested I get out more and do something I love. With my want and need to connect along with my love of books, I decided to start a book club. The original book club had 15 members and we met once a month in restaurants over brunch to chat about the chosen book.

Those who know me personally, know that bringing people together through well thought out gatherings that involve culinary experiences is something I truly enjoy and something that energizes me.  Suddenly, I was able to channel this same energy into bringing more people together.

Within 15 months the book club had ballooned to over 1,200 people and was gaining members by the week. I made lifelong friendships, met hundreds of incredible people and brought new customers to local restaurants. At the same time, I had to turn people away as I couldn’t save them a seat at the brunch experience.

That is when everything started to click for me. People were yearning, just as I was, for authentic and in person, real life interactions along with the desire to create their own community. The need to go out with friends or make new friends over a good meal discussing your hopes and dreams… with a book on the side. A community that encourages discovery, ritual, connection and a sprinkle of surprise and delight, because we all need a bit more of that in our lives.

I decided at that moment that I needed to bring into the world those same feelings and experiences but on a much larger scale.  After a little more thought BooknBrunch was born.


– Zuzana



Never stop exploring.

Discovery is about: learning, truth, growth, new ideas, new perspectives, the new eggs benedict on the block.


Join BooknBrunch with an open mind and heart and it will return tenfold.

Connection is about: eye contact, open heart, real conversation, smiles, laughs, and memories.


The need for ritual is a basic human instinct.

Rituals are about: tradition, self-care, balance, unity, continuity, connectivity, and reverence.


Everyone loves that little bit extra.

Surprise and delight is about: awe and charm, the thoughtful details and unexpected joys of meeting a new friend.

How It Works

Join our Brookie community for free and find an event near you.


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Meet in real life at one of our many venue partners.


Eat, discuss, make friends and do it again.