Brookie Members

How does it work?

It’s pretty easy! Read. Meet. Eat. By signing up to become a Brookie you’ll be joining our book club community of fellow book and brunch lovers (think of it like a book club, but add in amazing brunch spots). Check out our list of BooknBrunch events near you and pick one to attend and meet your fellow Brookies. Read the selected book for the event, then get ready to eat and discuss! On the day of your BooknBrunch event you can mix and mingle with fellow Brookies, have thoughtful discussions, take part in fun activities and enjoy a delicious brunch at an incredible venue. Don’t be shy! Everyone is here to eat amazing food, discuss great literature and have a good time. You might even find yourself a new friend.

Do I have to pay to join?

Signing up and joining the BooknBrunch community is totally free, whether you’re looking to be a Brookie, a Brookie Host, a Venue or Book Partner.

Do I have to read the book, or can I go just for the cool brunch experience?

Reading the book is optional. Many people attend just to socialize, create new friendships, network, see what a BooknBrunch event is all about, and get to sample some amazing food in great brunch spots. If you’ve been wanting to get into the book club community this is a great way to do just that! You may even be inspired to read the book after your BooknBrunch event!

What happens if I can’t attend the event I signed up for?

We have a no refunds policy, however you can always transfer your ticket to a friend, family member or other Brookie you think would love to attend.

What happens if the Brookie Host does not show up at the event?

Rest assured you will still be able to enjoy your brunch at the venue. Please email hello@booknbrunch.com right away to discuss the situation. In most cases, BooknBrunch will compensate one of the Brookies to take over the hosting duties.

Brookie Hosts

How does hosting work?

Once you have an event or two under your belt as a Brookie, you may want to become a Brookie Host! This means you’ll be organizing the entire book club event (from picking the book to selecting the venue, planning the event activities and more) and bringing together a group of book and brunch enthusiasts. You can choose any hosting level at any time, the key is to bring value to your guests, so they keep coming back. You can find your own venue or simply select from the list of our restaurant and venue partners. Hosting is also a great way to make money on the side. How much money could you make? The final numbers will depend on your event and ticket price, but BooknBrunch keeps between 25% and  50% and the host keeps between 50% and 75% after the venue and the cost of the host’s meal have been paid. Your ticket price will be determined based on a variety of variables using algorithms which takes into consideration the venue you selected, their plate cost and the hosting level you choose. Read up on our 10 Commandments of Hosting and brush up on your book club etiquette.

How do I get paid?

Once your BooknBrunch event is completed, you will receive your payout. Your payout is what you earn from hosting a BooknBrunch event and it will be paid through Stripe (an electronic payment service). Payouts can take up to seven (7) business days from Stripe to come through. You will need to set up a Stripe account if you do not have one already and you can do so when signing up as a Host (make sure to select “sole proprietor” when setting up your Stripe account). See https://stripe.com/ca for details. It’s a great way to make money on the side, or part-time.

How long after the event do I get paid?

You will be paid within seven (7) business days after your event.

How much money does the Brookie Host make and how much does BooknBrunch keep from each event?

BooknBrunch events are categorized according to levels of service provided to Brookies attending the event. The higher the level, the more effort is expected and required by the Brookie Host. Depending on the hosting level, BooknBrunch keeps between 25% and 50% and the host keeps between 50% and 75% after the venue and the cost of the host’s meal has been paid. A copy of the Hosting Manual will be emailed to you when you sign up to become a Brookie Host and will also be in your host profile as a quick reference. Refer to the Hosting Manual for more information about how much you can earn.

How much time does it take to organize an event?

Of course this will depend on how you spend your time and how long it takes you to organize, but based on our Brookie Hosts’ prior experience we have recommendations on time commitments in our Hosting Manual.  

Where do I find venues?

When you’re ready to create an event you’ll find a selection of venues in the BooknBruch marketplace. You can see all of our current venue partners when you create an event and view, “select a venue from our list.”
You can also find the link to the approved vendors in the footer of our website under Our Venues. If you have a place in mind that is not on our list that you think would be ideal for a BooknBrunch event (such as hidden brunch spots, or your new favourite brunch spots in your city), you can request to have it added when you create a new event. Just fill out our form to add a new restaurant and an email will be sent to them for information and approval. Once approved by BooknBrunch they will be added to our portal.

How do I promote my event?

Spread the word! Share on your social media accounts, ask friends and family to share and email and tell as many people as you’d like. Keep in mind the venue capacity and ensure everyone is aware it is a first come first serve policy for signups.

What support do I get from BooknBrunch?

We’re here to help during your BooknBrunch hosting experience! We provide you with the platform to set up your event, connect you with event spaces, and provide hands-on support (host training, manuals to download, a host portal, quality control checks, etc.). You can always reach us with any questions at hello@booknbrunch.com.

I’m not sure about what to use as a ‘Surprise and Delight’...

A ‘Surprise and Delight’ is a little something extra to give to your Brookie guests as a surprise. If you’re stuck on what to do for your Surprise and Delight, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Welcome cocktail (work with your vendor to arrange a special drink when your guests arrive).
  • Ask the chef of the venue to come out and say a few words to your guests.
  • Bring a small token related to the book for your guests to take home.
  • Hand out small notebooks and pencils for note-taking.
  • Have a special cocktail or coffee making lesson as part of the brunch.
Do I have to choose one of your curated books or can I decide on something else entirely?

We’ve rounded up some of the best books of all time in our curated book list.  But, you can also select a book of your choice as the host.

Why do people host? What’s in it for me?

First and foremost, people host because they love bringing people together, making new friends, great food and great conversation. The added bonus is that you can make money part time as well!

I want to organize an event at a gallery or unusual venue, is this possible?

It is! As long as your venue suggestion meets the requirements for space and food, and is willing to host, you can submit their information on the event creation page to use their venue for your event. Once approved, they will be on Our Venues list to use for future events.

Why do I have to apply to be a host?

We always vet our Brookie Hosts to make sure that you’re truly interested and committed to hosting an amazing event for fellow Brookies. We want to make sure each and every Brookie Host and BooknBrunch event is a success.

Is there a cost to host?

There is no fee or cost to host, just your time! If you do decide to do extra activities and Surprise and Delights, there may be additional costs to the Host to provide those extras at the event.

What makes for a good host?

Being open, friendly, excited about the book and brunch, and being a conversationalist are all great traits to have! Be sure to also check out our 10 Commandments of Hosting to get a full understanding of what it takes to be a Brookie Host and what we think is good book club etiquette.

What is the cancellation policy if I can’t attend my own event as a Host?

If you’re sick or unable to attend, you can always transfer your hosting duties to a trusted friend or fellow Brookie Host… you don’t want to let your Brookies down!  You will need to advise BooknBrunch who the replacement Brookie Host will be. If you are in a bind and can not find a friend or a fellow Brookie Host, please email us at hello@booknbrunch.com and we will do our best to help you figure it out.  

If an alternate Brookie Host cannot be found, you will be charged 7% processing fee for each ticket sold that has to be refunded.  If you cancel hosting the event 7 days or less before the event date, you will also be charged a $100 cancellation fee on your credit card in addition to 7% processing fee of each ticket sold that has to be refunded (excluding Build Your Own (BYO) events).

If one of your guests cancels, you are not responsible for the cost of their ticket. Your guest will also need to find someone to take their place at the BooknBrunch event.

What is the minimum and maximum number of people at your event?

Events come in all shapes and sizes. Typically they are 8-15 people at brunch but it’s completely up to you and the size of the venue you select. Aiming for 10+ attendees is a good start and will make it worth your time and effort. Please note, if you have fewer than 5 signups including the Brookie Host, 72 hours before the start of the event, your event will be cancelled and we will refund the tickets purchased (excluding BYO events).

How to choose the best photo for my event?

Use the following guidelines to get the best photo:

• Find a photo at least 1080 px x 720 px (3:2 ratio). A 3:2 ratio photo is a landscape image that’s wider than it is tall. This is a standard ratio for new mobile devices and computers.

• Photos with file types JPEG, BMP, PNG, or GIF work best. We support photos with transparent backgrounds but recommend against it, because they can be problamatic on certain devices and browsers.

• Use a photo that’s file size is no more than 12MB.

• Avoid photos that have lots of text and logos. The additional information in the photo can be distracting when viewing it on your event page, our search directory, and other previews.

To see the dimensions, file type, and file size for your photo, find the photo file on your computer, then right-click on the file. You can choose “Get Info” (for Mac) or “Properties” (for PC).

Venue Partners

How does it work?

Our Brookie Hosts organize a BooknBrunch event with a group of individuals for a casual brunch and discussion about a book in your venue space. As the vendor, you provide the space, the food, the service and the atmosphere. For more details on what will be expected for the brunch meal (coffee/tea or juice, an entree, dessert and a surprise and delight element), please visit our Become a Venue page.

How do I get paid?

Once your BooknBrunch event is completed, you will receive your payout. Your payout is what you earn from hosting a BooknBrunch event in your space and it will be paid through Stripe (an electronic payment service). Pay outs can take up to seven (7) business days from Stripe to come through. You will need to set up a Stripe account if you do not have one already and you can do so when signing up as a Venue (be sure to select “company” or “sole proprietor”, depending on your company registration) in the drop down menu. See https://stripe.com/ca for details.

What kind of diners can you expect to have at your venue through BooknBrunch?

Guests at a BooknBrunch event are generally polite, respectful, well-read individuals who are excited to test out new culinary adventures. You can set the maximum number of guests for the event to ensure you know how many people are attending.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require one week’s notice to cancel a BooknBrunch event. If you do cancel with less than one week’s notice, your restaurant will be removed from our vendor list.

What am I responsible for as a vendor?

As a vendor you will be responsible for providing guests with a brunch meal.  Ideally your menu would have three choices for guests including a variety of dietary options (for example, vegan or gluten-free, etc.). You will also be responsible for providing adequate room for the number of guests, great service and be there to answer questions the Brookie Host may have leading up to and on the day of the event.


Are there fees to join BooknBrunch?

There is no fee to join! Just come ready to socialize and be excited to meet new people and have a thought-provoking discussions.

How do we decide on which books are chosen?

Books are selected by the Brookie Host of each event. They pick either from our selection of hand-picked books, or they suggest one that they really love or are interested in.

Where do you store my credit card or payment information?

All of your credit card and payment information is handled through Stripe. Rest assured, your personal and payout information will never be shared.